Paper Boat Studio
Art by Angelina Farness
About Me

Welcome!  I'm Angelina, a 23 year old mixed medium artist from Ottumwa, Iowa.  When I'm not making a mess in my studio I'm usually found making a mess in my kitchen, reading, or spending time with my awesome family.  Did I mention I love cats?  I have two adorable fur babies named Siren and Ella.
This blog is a way for me to share my art as well as my experiences both in the studio and in every day life. Post topics may include, but are not limited to, studio updates, a tutorial or two, and maybe even an occasional recipe.  My hope is for my blog to allow me to connect with other like minded individuals while learning more about myself.

Artist Statement

My art helps me to communicate my thoughts and feelings.  I do not seek to cover any specific subject. Instead each piece tells its own unique story through line and color.  My goal as an artist is to create works of art that others find joy in and are inspired by.

Though I enjoy many forms of art including doll making, sewing, graphic design, book binding, and many others, mixed medium painting has become what I focus on the most.  I love combining paint, collage, drawing, and other various tools and techniques to create a more interesting body of work.  Many of my current paintings are abstract.  Though I do occasionally work in a sketch book, i rarely use it to plan my pieces.  I choose instead to let them develop intuitively.